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The Multimedia and Music Class is a semester course. Here you will learn techniques to create computer graphics, animations, record and edit audio and video. For the content of your recordings you will study basic music composition and vocal pedagogy (how to sing). By the end of the course you will be able to create a music video of your composition and/or vocal performance and post it on YouTube. This class accommodates students with dyslexia.

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Software for the Course

All software used in this course is Free and Open Source. You can download it at no cost.

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    Free Teacher Training on Dyslexia
    by Marilyn Hagle - Tuesday, 31 July 2012, 02:03 PM
    The following videos are a response to the passing of Senate Bills 866 and 867 and the report submitted to the Texas Legislature this year by the Governor's Interim Committee on Dyslexia and Related Disorders. Schools districts are required to train teachers on dyslexia reflecting the recent scientific studies. Teachers must use multi-sensory teaching methods and appropriate technology when accommodating dyslexic students. Twenty percent of all school children have severe or profound dyslexia. As many more have mild or moderate issues.


    The following videos are based on scientific studies outlined in Overcoming Dyslexia, by Dr. Sally Shaywitz, The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, MIT's study results: Dyslexia independent of IQ, and Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, by Susan Barton.

    Follow the links to the training videos.

    It's Not So Bad if a Kid Can't Read
    Conversations About Dyslexia

    If a kid can't read, that kid can't read because . . . Sam's Dyslexia Video
    Stop Wasting Money on Dyslexic Kids! A Plan for Dyslexic High School Students
    Dyslexia Land is NOT an Exclusive Country ClubDyslexia Brain Animation
    Dyslexic Students Cannot "Read to Learn"Teachers Need to Understand Dyslexia
    Elementary Teachers First These Kids are Smarter Than They Look
    Dyslexia and Special Education Teachers Must Help Dyslexic Students
    Credit Recovery CoursesPrimary Schools and Dyslexic Children
    Secondary Schools and Dyslexic Children Six of Those Kids are Dyslexic
    Courses Dyslexic Students Need Tech Tools for Dyslexic Kids
    Computerized Reading SystemsFlavors of Dyslexia
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    Tech Tool Training for Dyslexic Students and Dyslexia Accommodations
    by Marilyn Hagle - Friday, 5 August 2011, 01:19 AM

    Tech Tool Training for Dyslexic Students and Dyslexia Accommodations

    Record Audio With AudacityHow to Make a Record-My-Desktop Video
    Picture of Marilyn Hagle
    Picture from
    by Marilyn Hagle - Thursday, 21 July 2011, 12:14 PM

    Word Picture of Dyslexic Individuals for Our Non-Dyslexic Friends

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    Dyslexia Brain Animation

    Skip Teacher Training Videos on Dyslexia

    Teacher Training Videos on Dyslexia

    Skip Being not dyslexic or dyslexic is just the same as being tall or short . . .

    Being not dyslexic or dyslexic is just the same as being tall or short . . .

    Dyslexic Children Without Help

    Dyslexic Children With Help

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